‘Robot Revolution’: 7 Of The Things Robots And AI Have Achieved So Far

By on February 14, 2019

While the jury’s out on whether robots are a threat to our jobs and this field remains controversial, one thing’s certain: whether you like it or not, robots and AI are only becoming smarter and more efficient with each passing day. It’s a rosy picture at the moment (or is it?). Our expectations are slowly taking flight: robots are serving us food, offering companionship and emotional support, helping us look for life on other planets, the list goes on. But an AI that can truly match our intellectual and emotional capabilities is yet to see light of day.

But here’s what all they have achieved so far.
1. At $1.3 billion, this fully-automated rail network in Pilbara, Australia is being touted as the world’s largest robot.Its metal spine stretches over 1,700 kilometres and is used by 200 heavy-haul locomotives to drag iron ore from 16 mines.

rail 2
2. Robots have given humans new a sexual identity and led us to the first wave of ‘digisexuals.’
The French woman who got engaged to a 3D-printed robot she designed and the Japanese man who married an AI hologram, or even the Chinese engineer who married the robot he created are leading us to the ‘second wave.’
rail 3
3. For nay-sayers who think they’re taking away our jobs, remote-controlled robots at this cafe in Japan are giving those with disabilities a shot at the whole job thing.
At Dawn (Diverse Avatar Working Network) Cafe, customers interact with 4-foot-tall OriHime-D robots whose controls lie with people with ALS, spinal injuries and those who are paralysed. Cameras, microphones, and speakers, make it possible for these folks behind the robots to listen to the customers’ orders.

rail 5
4. A cardiac surgeon in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, conducted heart surgery on a patient 32 kilometres away using robotics. It’s the world’s first surgery that was pulled off using robotics and telecommunication. With the help of Dr Tejas Patel pulled off the 20-minute procedure called ‘telestenting’ with the help of fellow cardiologist Dr Sanjay Shah and a technician.

rail 6
5. The world’s first ‘oral sex robot,’ Autoblow AI–that uses artificial intelligence to learn and improve its performance–may hit markets by May 2019. It’ll cost roughly Rs 17,372. “We spent the last three years listening to feedback from our 200,000 Autoblow 2 owners and in response built the new machine that mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex,” explained the inventor of Autoblow AI, Brian Sloan.

rail 7
6. Sniffer dogs at airports will soon be replaced with “robotic canines” that’ll sniff out explosives while also performing an X-ray scan of passengers’ luggage.

7. Perhaps replacing the need to hire workers for physical labour, the HRP-5P can build a wall from scratch.
Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science & Technology Institute (AIST) is behind this humanoid robot. “By utilizing HRP-5P as a development platform of industry-academia collaboration, it is expected that research and development for practical use of humanoid robots in building construction sites and assembly of large structures such as aircraft and ships will be accelerated,” the creators of HRP-5P told Techcrunch.

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