Seafood Increases Your Libido And Fertility More Than Any Other Food

By on July 10, 2018

While, the magical combinations of zinc and magnesium, nuts and seeds or even supplements do their bit in enhancing your libido, there is one food item that stands out from the rest when it comes to giving your libido the boost that you’re looking for.

A seafood-rich diet is your best bet to give your libido the push that it needs to boost your sex-life and fertility.

Couples who eat more seafood tend to have more sex and have a much better chance to conceive, found a recent study.
Seafood has always been an important source of protein and other nutrients for pregnant women. But it has always been a cause of concern due the heightened mercury levels present in fish today.

Consuming smaller quantities of fish, however, can benefit you without causing toxicity in your system.

Up to 3 servings of fish per week, for instance, is not only safe but is ‘recommended’ by the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency.
“Our study suggests seafood can have many reproductive benefits, including shorter time to pregnancy and more frequent sexual activity,” said one of the study’s authors, Audrey Gaskins.

“Our study found that couples who consume more than two servings of seafood per week while trying to get pregnant had a significantly higher frequency of sexual intercourse and shorter time to pregnancy.”

The study found that 92 percent of couples who ate seafood more than twice a week became pregnant at the end of the year, compared 79 percent of couples consuming less seafood.
“Our results stress the importance of not only female but also male diet on time to pregnancy and suggest that both partners should be incorporating more seafood into their diets for the maximum fertility benefit,” she said.

The study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism maintains that seafood in your diet needs to be followed by both partners.

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