Show Update – How it all started for Maya | Be Careful With My Heart Ep. 1

By on October 5, 2016

Maya dreams of becoming a flight attendant. But for now, she is a tour guide in the small town of San Nicolas. Her family owns a small souvenir shop but they can barely make ends meet. They pin their hopes on Cristina, who is in her last year at school and plans to work as a seafarer after graduation. Cristina promises to help pull the family out of poverty and help Maya finish her schooling.

But when Cristina has an accident breaking her leg and ruining her chances at becoming a seafarer, Maya takes it onto herself to help the family. She takes the offer of a neighbor recruiting workers for Dubai. Maya’s family pawns their house to cover the recruitment fee and pay for Cristina’s medical bills.

Maya flies to Manila with the other recruits. Maya chats with her seatmate on the plane, a Don Julio. She tells him of her plans to go abroad and her ultimate dream of becoming a flight attendant.

When Maya and the other recruits arrive in Manila, they discover that they have been swindled.

Walking around the city that night, she is almost hit by a car. The car is driven by Richard, a rich businessman. Maya pretends to be mute when the police officer on the scene blames her for the accident, accusing her of jaywalking. Richard offers her a ride but she refuses, still pretending to be mute.

Maya looks for a job. After several attempts, she runs into Don Julio, who, it turns out, runs an employment agency. He helps her get a job, and because of her dream of being a flight attendant, he has her assigned to the airport.

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