Show Update – Karlo aborts a Kidnap | Mara Clara Ep. 1

By on October 5, 2016

It is 1995 and both Alvira Del Valle and Susan David give birth at the same time in the same hospital.

Flashback to 1993. Alvira breaks up with her boyfriend, Gary, after she receives a scholarship grant to the U.S. She then marries Amante while Gary hooks up with Alvira’s friend, Susan.

Back to the present time, Gary conspires with his brother Karlo to kidnap Alvira’s child for money and revenge. But Susan’s naivety leads to his capture by the authorities on previous drug charges.

Karlo aborts the kidnapping but switches the babies instead. Gary and Susan’s daughter goes home with the Del Valles and is named Clara. Susan then names the real Del Valle baby Mara. But what if Karlo lets Mara keep a pendant from her real parents claiming it is a gift from him?

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