Small apartment? African Mothers, Here is how to set up a Nursery

By on February 2, 2020
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Bringing a new baby into a less than spacious apartment can present a host of new challenges. Often times, it can feel like the only real way to solve them is to find a new place to live. Unfortunately, relocating during pregnancy is not simple nor is it a realistic option for many families. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your space work for you and your new addition. Continue reading for tips on how to successfully set up a nursery in a small apartment.

Clear the clutter
A cardinal rule of living happily in a small space is to declutter often. Now that you’re about to welcome a brand new human into your nest, this is especially important. Before you bring any baby-related items into your home, find and get rid of any items that you no longer use.

Skip unnecessary baby gear
When you’re expecting your first kid, you feel like you need everything your favorite department store’s baby section has to offer, but the truth is that you don’t. Some baby gear such as changing tables and diaper disposal systems are just not needed.

Add shelves
Adding shelves to your closets or wall space will provide you with more storage options and help you to avoid overcrowded floor space.

Use hanging organizers
Adding a hanging organizer or two is another great way to reduce clutter and stay organized. They can be used to store anything from diaper supplies to toys to baby clothes.

Opt for a smaller crib
When searching for a crib, opt for one that is on the smaller side. Many crib designs are large and clunky. Pay attention to the dimensions.

Use the area beneath the crib for storage
The space beneath the crib is the perfect place to store items such as changing supplies, bathtime supplies, or even clothes. All you need is a small plastic bin that can fit underneath the crib.

Purge often
It can be tempting to hoard baby gear and clothes once you’re done using them, but this can get ugly quickly when you’re already living in small quarters. As your baby outgrows clothes and items, consider passing them along to a family who has a baby smaller than yours or placing the items into storage. Facebook marketplace is also an easy avenue to use when looking to clear your home of gently used baby gear.

Only buy what you need at the time
Consider when you’ll need which items and purchase them as you go. A newborn has no need for items like a high chair, walker, or bouncer. Due to limited space, these are items that you should hold off buying until your baby has strong head a neck control. By the time you need them, you’ll be able to get rid of other items you’re no longer using like bassinets and baby swings.

Install a second rod in the closet
To maximize closet space, consider installing a second rod in your closets. This will provide the much-needed extra space for hanging baby clothes.

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