• esp
    The Fugitives: Esperanza Gómez is not your regular kind of woman

    Esperanza Gómez is beautiful, tall and sexy. She married her husband believing in his love but killed him in order to protect her daughter. She loves her daughter deeply and the worst punishment she has received is...

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  • Padilla
    Fugitives: Richardo Padilla is a 3 in one Conman

    Ricardo Pradilla is a civil Engineer, charismatic, friendly; a businessman and conman in one. He has always tricked and gotten people who surround him in trouble in order to get some kind of personal benefit. In front...

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  • Julian
    Fugitives: Julian Duarte though resourceful and smart will windup in jail.

    Julian Duarte is a smart and resourceful man when it comes to overcoming any adversity. He found love when he was very young and married Mariana his college girlfriend; they quickly had a son, Samuel, who is...

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  • Fugitives
    Fugitives; showing weekdays on TelevistaTV

    Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison after Camila, the wife of his best friend, Ricardo Pradilla, was murdered. Even though his wife, Mariana, abandons him, what hurts...

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