• Nicolas
    The White Slave: Nicolas Parreno is a man with no scruples

    Nicolas Parreño is ambitious and a powerful entrepreneur. A brilliant business person who’s life narrows down to numbers and assets; and even though he pretends to be worthy of representing all the cattle ranchers of the region,...

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  • Cuddling
    9 dating terms you need to know as a millennial.

    It’s not like we didn’t hang out in pubs and bars and go out on movie dates a decade ago. But the dynamics and terminology used in dating lingo today are unrecognisable for most non-millennials as well...

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  • Ketchup 1
    3 dismissive foods that keeps you up at night.

    You may have your bedtime routine nailed down to the T and may have also set up your room as a haven to clock in some deep sleep; but what you eat before you hit the sack...

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  • Fugitives
    Fugitives; showing weekdays on TelevistaTV

    Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison after Camila, the wife of his best friend, Ricardo Pradilla, was murdered. Even though his wife, Mariana, abandons him, what hurts...

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  • Sweet
    The Sweetest Love; Starting on TelevistaTV January 1st, 2018.

    Lack of money, the loss of supporters, and household debts that must be paid force Martin Guerrero to give up his race car driving to become executive Natalia Toledo’s chauffeur. In spite of the endless list of...

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  • River of
    River of Passion; Showing Weekdays on TelevistaTV

    Genre – Telenovela It tells the story of Felipe Guerra, a young foreman of a cattle ranch, who discovers in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao, the one true love. Aware of the economic differences...

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  • Televista1
    12 days of Christmas with TelevistaTV – Follow us now!

    Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle bells! It’s 12 days of Christmas with TelevistaTV. Follow any of our social media pages, to stand a chance to win loads of exciting prizes for the next twelve days. Follow @TelevistaTV!...

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  • 35
    Mariana & Scarlett: Roberto’s womanizing skims will cause him to change his identity.

    Roberto White is a well respected business man who is the owner of the famous company White Textiles. He is married to Beatriz Arango but his marriage is a big failure because he stopped loving his wife...

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  • 32
    IF Only Ep.23: Francis is not giving up on Sarah.

    On one delivery one night, Leonel was been trailed by the police, he noticed on time and blended well with ordinary people. Sarah at this moment was bothered by the words of Marietta, who insisted she ends...

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  • fg
    If Only Ep. 2: Carissa and Marietta give birth to their babies on the same night

    Marietta and Carissa become pregnant at the same time. Marietta demands support from Ignacio, but he abandons her instead. In the interim, Carissa refuses her mother’s order to put up her baby for adoption. She then seeks...

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