• Slave
    The White Slave; Coming soon on TelevistaTV

    “The White Slave” because Blood is the Same Color, is a production which narrates the story of Victoria, a woman who everyone knows as a marchioness who arrived in America to marry a prosperous merchant from the...

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  • Jodha 12
    Jodha Akbar: See what Queen Jodha looks like now.

    Jodha Akbar actress Paridi Sharma, who has been away from the TV screen ever since Jodha Akbar went off air because she was expecting her first baby. Paridhi tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with a...

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  • Untitled design (2)
    If only Ep.2: Marietta demands support from Ignacio

    Marietta and Carissa become pregnant at the same time. Marietta demands support from Ignacio, but he abandons her instead. In the interim, Carissa refuses her mother’s order to put up her baby for adoption. She then seeks...

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  • a
    Forever More; Showing Weekdays on TelevistaTV

    Genre – Telenovela The young and optimistic Agnes, along with her family, friends and neighbors, makes a living out of farming strawberries and making strawberry jam, in a beautiful community called La Presa. Their quiet life takes...

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  • iuyt
    Mara Clara Ep.33 :- judge awards custody of the girls to their respective biological parents.

    Although Amanthe and Alvira try their best to present themselves as the better parents for both Mara and Clara, the judge awards custody of the girls to their respective biological parents. Realising Mara will be better off...

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  • gary
    Clara asks Christian to help her get revenge | Mara Clara Ep. 9

    In retaliation for not getting invited to Kaye’s party, Clara asks Christian to help her get revenge. Christian leaves with the whole basketball team in tow, making the party a flop. Speaking of Christian, Mara’s article about...

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  • maya
    Maya returns to the Lim household | Be Careful With My Heart Ep. 8

    After being able to cool down and think things over, Maya returns to the Lim household and finds everybody excited that she’s back. Except for Nicky and Luke. Though they find her ways annoying, her effect on...

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  • nicole-22
    Max chooses Audrey over Nicole | The Legal Wife Ep. 8

    Nicole catches up with Max and Audrey and is devastated when Max chooses Audrey over her. Eduardo later finds his granddaughter unconscious and rushes her to the hospital. In Daet, Adrian finally makes clear to Monica that...

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  • monica-4545
    Eloisa accept her husband’s dictate to leave Dante | The Legal Wife Ep. 1

    Monica leads an idyllic life with a couple she believes to be her parents – Eloisa and Dante. A series of flashbacks reveal Eloisa and Dante used to be lovers until Eloisa gave in to family pressure...

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  • Luke
    Be Careful With My Heart (Episode 27)

    Rafi finally admits to Richard why she is back in Manila. She broke up with Charlie, her boyfriend for the past four years when he proposed to her. Afraid of the consequences of such a commitment, Rafi...

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