TBT: Avenida Brasil; There’s truely a thing line between love & hate.

By on March 21, 2019

Abandoned in a dump by her step mother as a child, Rita has returned under with a new identity and is looking for revenge. However, her plans soon change when she falls for the son of the woman she hates.

Avenida Brasil was a Brazilian primetime telenovela created by João Emanuel Carneiro. It premiered on 26 March 2012 and ended on 19 October 2012 on Rede Globo at 9 pm timeslot.

It was written by João Emanuel Carneiro in collaboration with Antonio Silver, Luciana Pessanha, Alessandro Marson, Marcia Prates and Thereza Falcão and direction of Gustavo Fernandez, Thiago Teitelroit Paul Silvestrini, Andrew Hall and Joan Jabace and directed by José Luiz Villamarim and Amora Mautner and the core direction, Ricardo Waddington.

Starring Débora Falabella, Adriana Esteves, Murilo Benício, Cauã Reymond, Marcello Novaes and Eliane Giardini.

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