“The Girl’ is based on true stories about children abducted from their families.

By on May 23, 2019
la nina

The Girl is a series from Colombia, based on true stories about children abducted from their families and forced to fight as soldiers. The main character is the girl Belky. Some of the names have been changed in the telling of her story, but the story is basically accurate.

Belky is played as a teen through university by Ana María Estupiñán. When the story begins Belky is taken away from her home because she volunteers to go in place of her brother, who is sick. She doesn’t escape from the guerillas until she’s 15. Even after she escapes, they continue to hunt her. She knows too much. She must be vigilant at all times.

Her time with the guerillas was full of horrors, which makes her a fierce and forceful character who can stick up for herself and others.

She’s given asylum in a reformatory of some kind. A priest and a woman named Dr. Tatiana (Constanza Camelo) recognize her intelligence and her already adept knowledge of medicine. They urge her to become a doctor. She goes through high school in a year and a half, passes the university entrance exams, and enters university.

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