The Legal Wife Ep. 1: Javier Insists on His Paternal Rights on Monica.

By on October 1, 2018

Monica (Ikay) leads an idyllic life with a couple she believes to be her parents – Eloisa and Dante.

A series of flashbacks reveal Eloisa and Dante used to be lovers until Eloisa gave in to family pressure to marry prominent businessman Javier Santiago for financial considerations.

Dante unexpectedly shows up a few years later and Javier goes ballistic. His cruelty makes Eloisa leave but she fails to take her older kids Javi and Jasper and is only able to spirit away the youngest child Monica.

A death in the family prompts Javier and his sons to go back to the Philippines.

Alas! Monica meets an accident and Javier insists on his paternal rights.

Will Eloisa accept her husband’s dictate to leave Dante and come back to him so she can finally be a mother to their kids?

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