The Legal Wife Ep.11: Will Monica follow her heart and say yes

By on October 17, 2018

Both Monica and Adrian face disapproval from the other’s parent. Sandra believes Monica is dangerous for Adrian while Javier assumes Adrian only loves Monica for her money.

Meanwhile, Nicole rushes her grandfather to the hospital but it is too late. Eduardo dies and Nicole desperately tries to contact her best friend.

Alas! Monica has her hands full at the moment, too. Virtually kidnapped by Miguel’s henchmen, Monica is given a choice. If she goes with Miguel to the US, Miguel promises to save Vita and Javier. A refusal would mean Miguel would destroy the whole family.

But Monica indeed rejects Miguel and calls Adrian to fetch her.

Adrian faces his own ultimatum from his boss. If he leaves, he is not to bother coming back.

Monica and Adrian run away to Bradley’s Uncle Judge where Adrian asks Monica to marry him. Will Monica follow her heart and say yes?

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