The Legal Wife Ep.2: Javi rejects Eloisa’s overtures.

By on October 2, 2018

Monica is shocked to learn it is not Dante, but Javier, that is her real father. It is not surprising that she rejects Javier’s initial efforts to get close to her.

Likewise, eldest son Javi rejects Eloisa’s overtures.

It is Jasper who accepts his mother and sister after a troublesome incident at the swimming pool.

For his part, Javier asserts he wants the family to forget the past and make a fresh start.

Years later, Monica finds herself in an advertising agency after Javier discourages her from working for the family corporation.

It is Javi who has remained unsympathetic to his mother and sister, as he publicly acknowledges only his father and brother as his family.

Meanwhile, we meet Nicole – a young woman yearning for the love of a father. Who is she? And how is she connected to Monica and her family?

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