The Legal Wife Ep.21: Monica surprises Adrian with an elaborate date

By on November 5, 2018

Monica hammers out a compromise between Javier and Adrian but Adrian feels he has lost face. The couple end up arguing as Adrian feels Monica is prioritizing her family over him and Bunjoy.

Adrian gets drunk and Nicole calls Monica to fetch her husband from the bar. Monica even thanks her best friend for taking care of her husband.

Monica surprises Adrian with an elaborate date but Max ruins the moment by implying Monica is more successful than Adrian. It turns out that Eloisa’s Tuyo’s sales are exceeding its target. Max nevertheless continues to buy out Vita’s stockholders under Dante’s direction.

Nicole resigns from Infinity Sardines and wants to invest in a resort instead. Both Nicole and Dante love Adrian’s ideas that Dante encourages his daughter and Adrian to go see the property. The resort is christened Costa Escaparse – a refuge for people who want to escape.

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