The Legal Wife Ep. 22: Dante and Eloisa accidentally meet outside Monica’s house.

By on November 5, 2018

Monica catches Max and Dante together. She warns Max not to trick Dante. Dante likewise warns Max that Monica cannot know about the true nature of their connection.

Nicole wants to avoid Adrian, but Monica insists her husband help her best friend deal with the resort’s various problems. Nicole gets sick that same night and Adrian spends the night caring for the young woman.

Dante and Eloisa accidentally meet outside Monica’s house. Dante seems keen for them to take up where they left off but Eloisa decline’s Dante’s overtures.

Nicole admits to Rowena she is falling for Adrian just as Monica and Bunjoy pay Adrian a surprise visit at the resort.

Monica corners Max at his mother’s home. Max finally admits he was tasked by Dante to destroy Vita, Javier, and Javier’s family.

Will Monica believe Max enough to confront her foster father?

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