The Legal Wife Ep. 23: Will Monica catch her best friend and husband?

By on November 6, 2018

The celebration of Eloisa’s Tuyo’s success is marred by Dante’s arrival. He reveals Javier has tried to kill him in the past and he encourages Eloisa and Monica to come with him. But Javier denies the allegation and both Eloisa and Monica opt to stay with the family.

Dante’s men also ambushes Max but refrains from hurting the young man after a last minute phone call from their employer stops them.

Nicole tries to reassure a drunk and miserable Dante that she is there for her father. But Dante rejects her and tells her she is not what he needs. Nicole escapes to the resort straight away.

Adrian likewise escapes to the resort after a big fight with Monica regarding Monica’s neglect of their family.

Adrian and Nicole fall into temptation just as Monica goes to the resort to follow Adrian. Will Monica catch her best friend and husband?

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