The Legal Wife Ep.24: Monica reconciles with Adrian.

By on November 7, 2018

After reconciling with Adrian, Monica also makes it up with Nicole. She then asks Nicole’s permission to use Costa Escaparse for a second honeymoon with Adrian. Adrian does not feel that comfortable at the resort as the images of his dalliance with Nicole interrupt his time with his wife.

Nicole tries to keep herself busy, even as she admits to Rowena that something happened between her and Adrian. She also claims it is not a one night stand but she has really fallen for the guy.

In the interim, Idea Factory’s newest client is Adrian’s former classmate Digna. Monica gets jealous of Digna, as she reads an intimate text message meant for Adrian. She then asks Nicole to accompany her and she disrupts her husband’s meeting. An argument breaks out shortly with Monica telling Adrian she is just protecting their marriage.

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