The Legal Wife Ep.25: Adrian complains to Bradley about Monica’s jealousy

By on November 8, 2018

Defensive and feeling guilty, Adrian complains to Bradley about Monica’s jealousy. He admits he gave in to temptation but insists the other woman is “nothing” to him. Adrian tells Nicole he doesn’t want any trouble and that he cannot leave his wife.

But an accident traps Nicole in a burning room and Adrian comes to her rescue.

Meanwhile, Monica tells Jasper she thinks Adrian is having an affair based on a magazine article on marital cheating. Jasper cautions his sister on being carried away by a hunch.

Speaking of Jasper, he announces he is transferring to his own place.

Max likewise declares he is back to being a struggling photographer.

Monica drops by Nicole’s photo shoot and she sees the way Adrian is holding Nicole. The article on infidelity still on her mind, Monica berates herself for even thinking her husband and best friend could betray her.

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