The Legal Wife Ep.26 : Monica plans a surprise dinner for Adrian

By on November 9, 2018

Bradley berates Adrian for hooking up with Nicole of all people; but Adrian says he can’t seem to resist the young woman’s charms. In fact, Adrian fails to recognise his wife’s voice when Monica answers the phone as Nicole in a prank.

Eloisa asks Javier to talk to Dante after she learns Javi is working for her former lover. Javier fails to convince Dante to give Javi up so he tells Monica he needs his daughter back at Vita.

Meanwhile, the people behind Waterfalls Shampoo arrange a surprise dinner for Nicole. They omit to call Monica that Adrian and Nicole end up having dinner alone.

Back in Manila, Monica also organises a surprise dinner for Adrian on the same night. Adrian obviously arrives late and he warns Nicole not to tell anyone of their dinner.

Nicole is equally astonished to discover that Javi is her replacement at Infinity Sardines.

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