The Legal Wife Ep.27 : Nicole and Adrian continue to dance in the sheets

By on November 12, 2018

Monica learns of Waterfalls Shampoo’s appreciation dinner for Nicole. She starts to question Adrian but Adrian effectively deflects her questions by saying he knows Javi is working for Infinity Sardines. He then gives Monica the go signal to work for Vita yet again.

Monica tells her brother she is still unsettled over Adrian, as she still notices telltale signs of cheating from her husband.

Monica gets a different hairstyle and Adrian takes her to a concert date. The couple bumps into Nicole at a restaurant. Adrian meets Nicole’s new suitor Marco and he gets jealous.

Nicole and Adrian continue to dance in the sheets just as Monica decides to forget about her suspicions. Max notices how light-hearted Adrian is just as Rowena notices how happy Nicole is at the moment.

What will happen if Monica happens to go to the same restaurant where Adrian and Nicole are having coffee?

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