The Legal Wife Ep.39: Monica confronts Nicole and their fight becomes physical

By on December 1, 2018

Adrian censures Nicole in a wedding reception after the latter posts an ultrasound image of her baby in social media.

Unfortunately, Javi is in the same wedding reception because he is the groom’s friend. He learns from Jasper that Monica and Adrian have reconciled so he drops by his sister’s house to tell her Adrian and Nicole are still seeing each other.

Monica confronts Nicole and their fight becomes physical. Monica stops the assault when Nicole reveals she is pregnant with Adrian’s child.

Meanwhile, Adrian has prepared a romantic dinner set-up for Monica in a restaurant complete with a musical quartet and flowers.

Monica stands Adrian up and the couple end up having a big fight.

Dante visits Nicole in Rowena’s house only to tell his daughter not to destroy Monica’s marriage. Hurt by her father’s lack of support, Nicole asks Dante to leave her alone.

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