The Legal Wife Ep. 41: Monica learns Nicole is pregnant.

By on December 4, 2018

Nicole returns to Dante’s house while she is experiencing a difficult pregnancy while Monica and Bunjoy go to the States with Javi.

Adrian learns of his family’s leave-taking and he goes wild in front of Javier’s house. He ends up in the police station and Nicole bails him out.

Monica learns she is pregnant. And Adrian hears the news from Javier.

Adrian immediately flies to the US to find his family but goes home to failure.

Nicole gives birth to a baby boy she names Jacob. Adrian assures Nicole he will take responsibility for Jacob.

In the U.S., Monica, Bunjoy, and baby Martina settle with Javi, Gwen, and Thirdy. Max is also in the States and is very much a part of their lives.

After two years, Monica is promoted to executive creative director of Sorkins and Sheldons Advertising agency while Adrian wins a local award for Slater Advertising agency.

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