The Legal Wife Ep.42: Max proposes to Monica in an elaborate set-up

By on October 10, 2017

Sorkins and Sheldon is looking for a suitable advertising agency partner as they are expanding in South East Asia. Monica is to be country manager and she announces to her family that it is time to go back to the Philippines.

Adrian reads of Monica’s promotion and vows to do his best for his local agency to be chosen as the country partner of Monica’s agency.

Max proposes to Monica in an elaborate set-up in a restaurant but Monica rejects his suit. He still decides to give up his US job to become Senior Graphic Artist in the Philippines so he can be with Monica

As Adrian knows what Monica wants, it is not surprising that Slater Advertising is chosen as the winning local partner of Sorkins and Sheldon.

As the estranged couple meets again, Adrian learns of his daughter Martina and demands to see both Martina and Bunjoy.

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