The Legal Wife Ep.43: Monica and Nicole unexpectedly bump into each other.

By on December 6, 2018

Max unintentionally mars the reunion of Adrian with his children, as Bunjoy texted him to come over. Max apologizes and leaves.

Later, Monica fetches the children in her mother-in-law’s house only to find the kids missing. It turns out Adrian brought the kids to his place to show how he has long prepared a room especially for them.

Monica and Nicole unexpectedly bump into each other and Nicole underlines how Adrian is very fond of her son.

Speaking of Monica, she confronts Adrian for standing up the appointment with a psychologist. Adrian makes it clear he is not going to cooperate in Monica’s request for the annulment of their marriage. He also readily admits to his mother that he still loves Monica.

Nicole also confronts Adrian about not telling her that Monica is back in the country. Adrian reiterates they do not have a relationship except as co-parents to Jacob.

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