The Legal Wife Ep. 44: Adrian and Monica breaks Bunjoy’s heart.

By on December 6, 2018

Adrian arranges an out-of-town family trip but Monica begs off at the last minute. Imagine Adrian’s surprise when he sees Nicole and Jacob are checked into the same resort. He then asks Monica’s permission to tell Bunjoy about his other son before he hears it from another source. Monica agrees but asks that Adrian wait for her.

Max drives Monica over but refrains from joining the private family moment. Instead, he talks to Nicole that he does not want to see Monica’s kids hurt at all.

Adrian and Monica break the news to Bunjoy and the boy obviously becomes upset. But Monica insists Bunjoy has to love Jacob same way he loves his sister Martina.

Another day sees Adrian taking Bunjoy out biking. But he feels a twinge of emotion when he sees Max arriving and bonding with Monica and the rest of the family.

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