The Legal Wife Ep.6: Max rescues Nicole from a disrespectful client

By on October 9, 2018

Monica and Adrian finally come to an understanding and vow to be a team. Javi puts Monica down while praising Adrian, but he approves the agency’s concept just the same. He also approves the location in Daet, reminding Monica of her idyllic childhood.

Adrian brings Monica to a bar to cheer her up while Jasper tells the family of Javi’s ill treatment of Monica.

Later, Javier asks Monica to go to dinner with Miguel and Monica surmises her father would not mind if she pays attention to that part of her life at this time.

In the meantime, Max rescues Nicole from a disrespectful client and announces he is her boyfriend.

Miguel surprises Monica at the office and Adrian learns that Miguel is a rich and eligible bachelor.

But Monica doesn’t enjoy her date with Miguel and refuses Miguel’s offer to take her home.

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