The Legal Wife Ep.7: Nicole sees Audrey’s conciliatory message on Max’s computer

By on October 10, 2018

Andrew is taken to the police station after being accused of stealing a motorcycle. A concerned Monica tries to help, but Adrian bites her head off in response.

Monica also catches Nicole with Max and the two girls end up arguing.

Speaking of Nicole, Rowena tells her that a certain Dante Ramos insists on seeing her and is asking if she is related to Camilla Esquivel. Nicole chickens out from seeing her father. For his part, Dante goes to Daet and asks his friend Luis to manage a mill he owns.

Later, Nicole sees Audrey’s conciliatory message on Max’s computer. She pretends to be Max and encourages Audrey to move on, as he is supposedly already in love with someone else.

But Max runs into Audrey and learns of their so-called split. He then reiterates that it is only Audrey he loves.

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