The Legal Wife [Finale] – Monica still loves her husband.

By on October 20, 2017

A grateful Adrian wakes up to see Monica by his side.

Unaware that her sleeping son is in the car, Nicole rushes to the hospital as soon as she hears Adrian is awake.

Monica leaves Adrian’s room and Nicole quietly slips in. Nicole pleads with Adrian to choose her and Jacob but Adrian is adamant that it is Monica he prefers.

It is Monica who saves Jacob from the hot car and the incident makes Nicole finally realize her mistake and apologize.

Nicole and Dante have a heart to heart talk and they agree to start afresh with Jacob.

Meanwhile, Monica tells Adrian she still loves her husband but she wants to love him without doubts. So she gives him back their wedding ring and tells him to keep it. For who knows? Adrian might get the chance to put it back on her finger in the future.

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