The Promise Ep.38: Claudia cooks up yet another scheme to humiliate Yna

By on July 6, 2018

With both studies and work keeping her busy, Yna can only afford to spend brief moments with Angelo, who tries to accompany or keep in touch with her whenever he can. During this time, Bea Bianca becomes the center of attention in school after a video of her stealing food goes viral, causing Angelo to rush to her defense.

The day of Diego and Lourdes’ wedding has arrived, and the former patiently waits for his fiancée where they are set to exchange vows. Little does Diego know that Amor has been waiting for this very day to get her revenge on him, a plan that she cements by secretly confronting Lourdes and giving her an ultimatum.

Back in Buena Corporation, Claudia cooks up yet another scheme to humiliate Yna at the company’s upcoming event, where Amor and Eduardo are expecting to see each other again.

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