The Promise Ep.39: Diego Learns of Lourdes betrayal.

By on July 9, 2018

Diego is crushed upon learning about the connection of his fiancee Lourdes to Amor, especially when Lourdes reveals that they are responsible for his financial problems. Though seeing how Lourdes is paying the price of loving him sincerely – and betraying Amor in the process – Diego realizes it’s about time for him to face the consequences of his crime against Amor twenty years ago, knowing that it is his only chance of saving both himself and Lourdes from Amor’s wrath.

Meanwhile, as per Angelo’s suggestion, Yna makes another effort to please his mother Claudia by making her a tasty dessert, which Yna tries to sneak into the latter’s office; but in an effort to avoid getting caught, Yna hides under Claudia’s desk, where she overhears Claudia and Diego’s private conversation about Amor.

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