The Promise Ep. 47: Yna pushes herself through sheer optimism and patience

By on July 19, 2018
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After settling down with her family in their new home, Yna wastes no time looking for a new job, requiring her to travel from place to place on foot given her meager allowance. Without her boyfriend Angelo by her side to comfort or help her, Yna can only push herself through sheer optimism and patience, which are put to the test as Claudia uses her influence and connections to keep her unemployed.

Meanwhile, things get hectic for Angelo and his staff as they cater the launch of Eduardo’s campaign, which is flocked by many of the governor’s supporters. Here, Eduardo gets the endorsement of Amor, who has become popular among the masses due to her inspiring rags-to-riches story.

Although Amor’s decision to help Eduardo is just part of her plan against him, it unexpectedly backfires when a member of the press raises questions meant to smite her reputation – a scheme planted by Leonora Salameda herself to get back at Amor for shunning her.

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