The Promise Ep. 49: Fate continues to play with Amor and Eduardo

By on July 20, 2018

Fate continues to play with Amor and Eduardo as they are chosen as godparents to their mutual friend’s newborn baby. Unlike the strictly professional gatherings they usually attend together, the atmosphere of their godchild’s baptism rekindles lingering feelings. They soon meet again unexpectedly at an orphanage where they find themselves recalling the dreams they once shared together – a moment so meaningful for Eduardo that he decides to follow Amor later on to the memorial site in Talimpao, where he discovers his old flame’s secret.

Meanwhile, the Macaspacs go through another trying experience as they search for their family’s patriarch Isko, who went missing without a trace. Even with Angelo’s help, Yna is unable to find her beloved father, who is in fact fighting a losing battle against Alzheimer’s. Can the Macaspacs find Isko before he completely forgets his way home, and more importantly, his own family?

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