The Promise Ep. 65: Eduardo Wife’s crimes puts him behind bars

By on August 3, 2018

Eduardo’s downfall continues and he ends up behind bars, no thanks to the crimes that his wife committed under his name. However, Claudia manages to avoid the authorities and proceeds to dealing with Caloy once and for all, while a distressed Diego ends up learning the real truth of the situation when he spies on them. Without his parents by his side, Angelo is left all alone to look after his younger sister Lia. During this time, Angelo finds the resolve to patch things up with Yna, not knowing that she has already chosen to pursue a cooking scholarship in America with Amor’s help.

As Eduardo is sent to prison, Claudia manages to dodge the authorities in order to deal with Caloy, while Diego finally uncovers the truth. Meanwhile, Angelo tries to reach Yna not knowing she’s chosen to pursue a scholarship abroad with Amor’s help.

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