The Promise Ep. 66: Struggles and Change

By on August 6, 2018

Left with no option to save himself and escape Claudia’s clutches, Caloy crashes the car that he, Claudia, and a deceased Diego are all in. News of their tragic fate soon reaches their respective families, who all try to cope with their loss except for Lia who seems to have been affected the most. Yna temporarily stays in Punta Verde for the sake of her family, whereas Angelo tries to be strong for himself and his distressed sister, especially with their father still in jail. Due to the circumstances they are in, Yna and Angelo make the necessary yet painful choice to finally go their separate ways.

Amor, on the other hand, returns to America, hoping that it will help her forget all the pain and sadness that led to the years she spent planning her revenge and the chaos she caused. Amor’s revenge has reached a bitter end with devastating results; Caloy, Claudia and Diego’s deaths incite hatred between their families as Angelo and Yna finally decide to end their relationship and start their lives broken, struggling and changed.

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