The Promise Ep. 69: Yna and Belen faces hardship after the death of Caloy

By on August 7, 2018

Lloyd gets turned down by the girl of his dreams, causing him to disappoint his father and fail to present Angelo’s business proposal to him. Angelo, wanting to ensure his plan’s success, vows to continue helping Lloyd, only to discover that Lloyd’s dream girl is Joy herself. Soon, Joy and Angelo clash again, this time getting a local town official involved in their mess.

On her end, Yna is going through the motions because of her mother Belen who, in spite of their family’s now comfortable life, has been hardened because of Caloy’s death. Angelo and Joy are forced to do community service after a town official gets dragged into their rivalry. Meanwhile, Yna goes through the motions because of her mother Belen, who has become more hardened following Caloy’s death.

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