The Promise Ep.98: Claudia tells Simon the secret she’s long hidden from everyone.

By on September 25, 2018

Angelo’s own investigation into his suspicions about his mother leads him to Simon’s house, where the two men end up trading blows. Arriving at the scene and unable to bear seeing them fight with her son being viciously beaten, Claudia is forced to tell Simon the secret she’s long hidden from everyone: that he is Angelo’s real father.

Traumatized by what he’s done to his son and everything that Claudia made him do, Simon turns himself in to the authorities and confesses the truth of three years ago regarding the car crash that Claudia, Caloy, and Diego were involved in. Adding to the evidence pointing to her as David’s murderer, the Macaspacs and the Buenavistas work together to have Claudia arrested once and for all.

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