The Secretary: Antonia Fontalvo isn’t many thing you’d hope

By on September 24, 2017
The Secretary

Antonia Fontalvo is a 30 years old woman, who is very attractive with classic beauty. she grew up in a crib of gold and had the best opportunities. Then, while attending the university, her parents went broke and today she supports them. Because of that she’s extremely hard working and responsible; she’s completely dedicated herself to her career as Business manager and left her personal life aside. The most convenient thing for her was to accept the romantic requirements of Felix Segura, the owner of Copito Industries, since actually she’s not very good in that area. She still hasn’t fully realized it but this decision is leading her through a lonely path from which only a spontaneous and outgoing person like Emilio can take her out of. She’s decided to marry because she thinks it’s the obvious step to take given she’s in her thirties. The arrival of her secretary will confront her with many things that she sure of and she’ll change to become a person that gives herself the chance to enjoy things outside work.

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