The Secretary: The backstabbing friend called Paola Zorrilla

By on October 4, 2017

Paola Zorrilla is a 30 years old attractive woman, hot, but with a totally empty head and heart. She admits that she never stood out in anything and the only thing she’s good at is providing good sex. She takes advantage of her physical attributes to get what she wants. She was one of Antonia’s best friends during her university education but actually she was always envious of her personality and intelligence and she wishes she could see her dragging herself on the floor like a worm. Very cleverly she has Antonia convinced that she’s on her side and that she can trust her, when at the same time she’s Felix’s lover and she makes fun of her friends infinite naivety. Paola feels that her relationship with Felix puts the scale in her favor and makes her the winner in a demented competition she has against Antonia. As a two faced backstabber Paola has been working on a master plan in which she keeps Felix Segura for herself and enjoys his fortune.

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