The White Slave: Nicolas brilliance couldn’t keep him out of trouble.

By on April 4, 2018

Nicolas Parreño is an ambitious and a powerful entrepreneur. A brilliant business person who’s life narrows down to numbers and assets; and even though he pretends to be worthy of representing all the cattle ranchers of the region, deep inside he is a two face without scruples and capable of doing anything for power and money. He brags about being the owner of the Eden, a status that he hides behind to do whatever he wants with his slaves. Inside his business scheme his vassals are nothing more than work beasts that do not deserve anything different from a whopping and punishments. Without knowing it, he falls in love with Victoria; his worst enemy who will come to disrupt the order in his ranch and get back what is rightfully hers. He will pay a high price for his ambition and bad decisions.

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