The White Slave: The Fine line between Victoria and Miguel

By on May 2, 2018
The White Slave

It’s no longer news that “The White Slave” is making raves across town, The Colombian period drama imported stars like Nerea Camacho, Miguel de Miguel, Orian Suarez and Modesto Lacen to bring the story to life. This new production brought an entirely fresh cast into the night time block on Televista TV, something that is always appreciated. Camacho is a Spanish actress that at the age of 12 became the third youngest actor to win a Goya Award. In this telenovela, she plays Victoria Quintero, an indomitable white woman with the heart and soul of a rebellious slave. Audiences will find a familiar face with Miguel de Miguel who made his comeback to Televista as Nicolás Parreño, an unscrupulous and ambitious businessman who will do anything to keep his hold on power and money.

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