The White Slave: Tomas is a slave that enjoys every sip of happiness life gives.

By on March 7, 2018

Tomas is a slave with a noble and sincere heart. His profession is blacksmith, he was about to get his bill of liberty when Nicolas Parreño decided to get revenge from Mr. Domingo, his master and change everyone’s story. Since that day, Tomas became like Victoria’s father and escaped to a palisade with his daughter Milagros and his beloved wife Lorenza. The love he professes for his family is infinite and capable of overcoming any adversity. A fair man that after all the frustrations and suffering has learned to live a life of peace and wisdom. His best years have been spent working for his master, however he doesn’t complain and assumes his faith with integrity and for that same reason enjoys to the fullest every little sip of happiness life gives him.

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