Things That Suggest You May Be Blocking Love From Your Life And Here’s Why You Need To Stop

By on August 29, 2018

A good relationship can do wonders for some people while a bad one has a potential to ruin someone for life if not handled ideally. Not all of us can handle breakups and what comes after is all the more scarring when we do not let love enter again.

Here are a few signs you are blocking love from your life without realizing it.

1. You get defensive every time you like someone and keep yourself guarded.

2. You keep thinking that everyone is like your ex and will hurt you the way they did and you are not ready for that.

3. Every time your friends talk about setting you up with someone, you escape easily.

4. You have stopped caring about yourself. Be it staying healthy or dressing up in a presentable manner because you think you are not worthy of love.

5. When people start to talk about all the good things about relationships, your skeptical behaviour comes out in no time.

6. You keep a check on your ex and their social media activities and have all the information about the progress in their life.

7. You are using work as an excuse and slogging so that you don’t have to think about missing out on love.

8. You are indecisive. One day you love being single, one day you hate it. One day you like someone, the next day you change your mind.

9. You’re acting out of loneliness not out of love. You date people because you’re lonely not because you’re really interested in them.

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