This is the best time of day to wash your face according to science

By on April 20, 2019

We should actually be cleaning our faces much earlier than right before we go to bed. So, what time is the right time? It depends on the season. That sounds a little weird, but it’s actually quite logical: you should wash your face when the sun goes down. That’s because your skin cells, just like your body, work according to the circadian rhythm: an internal clock. As soon as the sun goes down, the repair mechanisms in your skin start working. From that moment on your skin creates new skin cells.

By cleansing your face when the sun is going down, you maintain the balance of the circadian rhythm. Researchers of the Center for Genomic Regulation explained that this can be very beneficial for your skin. It makes sure your skin is better protected against damage from the outside and it also slows down the ageing process of your skin.

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