Tweeting while watching TV pushes you to shop online

By on May 4, 2019

Tweeting or engaging in other social media activities while watching certain programmes on the television can make you indulge in online shopping more than usual, scientists say.

The habit of live tweeting and using social media while watching TV has been dubbed “social TV.” This trend has concerned some in the media and advertising industries over whether it hinders the effectiveness of the advertisements that run during specific television programs. Researchers from Indiana University and Emory University in the US showed that advertisers can see a boost in online shopping when television viewers multitask and engage in social media activity.

The study, published in the journal Marketing Science, sought to determine how the volume of programme-related online chatter is related to online shopping behaviour at the retailers which advertised during the programmes.

They found that ads that air in those programs that had more social TV activity also saw an increased ad responsiveness in terms of online shopping behaviours.

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