Two Wives: Who Between Yvonne and Janine Will Get the Last Laugh?

By on June 19, 2018

For months, viewers have passionately pit Yvonne and Janine against each other, along with the various men in their lives— Victor (Jason Abalos), Albert (Patrick Garcia), Dale (Rayver Cruz), and Kenjie (Daniel Matsunaga). Aside from consistently winning the ratings game in its time slot and from trending on social media every weeknight, “Two Wives” success has also been evident in how Yvonne, Janine, Victor and Albert became household names and a topic for discussion among friends, family, colleagues, and more.

As the program’s finale draws near, everyone is eager to find out how Yvonne and Janine’s intense rift will end. When will revenge stop consuming them? Who will emerge victorious in the end? Is there a room for forgiveness for both of them? Since this is a local adaptation, will the story of the “Two Wives” end just like the original by the Koreans?

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