Vitamin D Levels Can Now Be Measured Through Hair

By on March 3, 2019

Researchers have found that human hair can be used to measure the level of vitamin D in a person’s system, paving the way for improved diagnosis of deficiency of the sunshine vitamin.

With over a billion people estimated to be affected, vitamin D deficiency — a risk factor for depression, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes and cancer — has reached epidemic proportions worldwide.

While traditional blood analysis captures the levels at a single time point, in contrast, hair, which grow at approximately one centimetre per month, could reflect vitamin D status over several months, capturing the large seasonal differences in the levels.

Things that can go wrong without vitamin D
1. Depression

2. Cardiovascular disease

3. Inflammation

4. Diabetes

5. Cancer

“The study presents the idea that vitamin D is being deposited continuously in the hair as it grows, more might be deposited at times when vitamin D concentration in the blood is high, and less when it’s low,” said lead author Lina Zgaga, Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin.

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