How it all started for Yash and Aarti (Watch episodes of Punar Vivah till date)

By on March 1, 2016

Punar Vivah (English: Married Again) is the story of two individuals, Yash and Aarti. Yash is a widower with two daughters, Payal and Palak. Aarti is a divorcée with a son, Ansh. Aarti’s in-laws and Yash’s family want the two lonely hearts to get united in marriage. Yash and Aarti get married for the well-being of their children but begin to fall in love as time moves on. Then the story continues with new complications arising in Yash’s family. Aarti and Yash have a son, Aayu, but someone kidnaps him soon after he is born. The culprit is Ishita, who is obsessed with Yash and wants to create havoc in Aarti’s life. this leads to problems in Yash and Aarti’s relationship.

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