What Is A Sapiosexual? Here Are 9 Signs That Could Tell You If You’re One

By on May 18, 2018

To put it simply, a sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence and a developed human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature in another person. For the etymology enthusiasts, the origin of the word comes from the term “sapiens,” which means wise or judicious, as well as the word “sexual.”

So basically, if you are at a pub and the person that makes your blood gush to your cheeks is not the good-looking one talking about his dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant but the one who is talking about the impact of food shortage on the people falling below the poverty line, then you have your winner.

Essentially, you know that you are a sapiosexual if factors such as physical beauty or monetary health are secondary to a person’s knowledge capital or intellectual capabilities as sapiosexuals are stimulated or challenged by the way another person thinks and they are basically in love with the mind. So, here are nine signs that will prove to you whether you can classify yourself as a sapiosexual or not:

1. You prefer a person who can have an intellectually stimulating conversation over a person who looks good but can’t hold a conversation of importance.

2. You would like a partner who challenges you during debates and discussions. A person who can argue about their stand and in the process, change your outlook towards the world, is the kind of person who really excites you.

3. If a person talking rationally and intelligently about a social/political/scientific/academic (you get my point) issue is the direct equivalent of someone talking dirty to you, right into your ears in a husky voice, so much so that you can feel their warm breath with the utterance of every syllable, you’re probably a sapiosexual.

4. Other people’s idea of a date might be a fancy dinner but you want a person who likes to enter a bookstore and walk through the aisle while talking about their favorite books. Any person who truly values their books is someone you’re instantly attracted to.

5. Not just IQ, you want someone who also has a high emotional quotient. You want the other person to have emotional maturity to make sure they truly understand your personality and are accommodating of your quirks.

6. Do you feel irked by people who don’t know their grammar? Well, this means you’re a sapiosexual through and through. You want a person who texts using full words and is just as particular as you about their commas, exclamation marks and spellings.

7. Your idea of a long-term relationship is having a partner who would cuddle up and read a book to you. You cannot wait to meet a person who will gift you books, discuss things you’ve both read and is as particular about their reading spot in the room as you.

8. You’re craving to meet someone who actually listens instead of just hearing you talk. If you’re a sapiosexual, you give full attention to all the words spoken by the other person to keep the conversation witty and spontaneous and you expect the same from your partner.

9. Above all, you want this person to be genuine with their knowledge. You don’t want a person who can drop names and achievements but a person who is genuinely knowledgeable and also humble about it.

In a world where love is a whole lot about looks, a sapiosexual just wants a partner who will give them conversations they can hold on to for a lifetime.

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