Why Is Air Pollution Is Linked To 3.2 Million Cases Of Diabetes Every Year?

By on July 9, 2018

For the longest time diabetes has mostly been associated with obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary choices. However, we now have another culprit behind the increasing number of cases of diabetes. Air pollution.

In fact, it’s not just dangerous levels of air pollution that is responsible for an increased risk of diabetes globally, even levels that are considered ‘safe’ can trigger the onset of diabetes, unfortunately.

The study reveals that up to one in seven new cases of diabetes is causes by air pollution is alone.
This study published in The Lancet Planetary Health is significant as it quantifies the burden. It estimates that pollution contributed to 3.2 million new diabetes cases (14% of the total) globally in 2016.

“Our research shows a significant link between air pollution and diabetes globally,” said Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, the study’s senior author and an assistant professor of medicine at Washington University. “Over the past two decades, there have been bits of research about diabetes and pollution. We wanted to thread together the pieces for a broader, more solid understanding.”

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